12 Life Lessons Learned this Year

12 Life Lessons Learned this Year

Twelve takeaways from one Birthday to the next.

Listening to a recent episode of “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” the podcast he debuted in early 2019, I wondered what 12 life lessons learned I could impart from the year since my last birthday a year ago this week.

Just like Jay, I took a good long look at what happened over the course of the year. Similarly, I then could then decide how to apply those significant life lessons learned to the upcoming year. Therefore, I re-prioritized my agenda with serious introspection and reflection to top the list.

Move Forward

Memories flooded through my brain’s data banks, remarkable events standing out prominently. Furiously I jotted down one event after another. Almost exhausted, I reread my list over and over; the lessons almost spoke aloud.

Fortunately from listening to Jay, I knew contemplation and self inflicted pain are not synonymous. Tough times are not because of weak or deserving people. I moved forward.

I write these lessons out for several reasons: first, something may truly resonate with you. Secondly, maybe something similar in your life happened. Personally, I know it feels good to know I’m not alone with my experiences. Lastly, I hope this encourages you to examine your past year with pen to paper, (or keyboard to computer screen) to reveal your strengths.

12 Life Lessons Learned from the Year Around the Sun:

Year around the sun image with multiple planets in succession  that show the passage of time as you learn important life lessons

Number 1: My value depends only on the worth I bring to myself. I.e. No one can subtract from my worth, unless I give them power to do so. As long as I remain vigilant, I can avoid that slippery slope.

Number 2: The super power no one tells you about: resilience. I believe it to be one of the most important traits to have. Dr. Rachel Yehuda defines resilience as a “reintegration of self that includes a conscious effort to move forward in an insightful integrated positive manner as a result of lessons learned from an adverse experience.”

“Resilience involves an active decision, like sobriety, that must be frequently reconfirmed. That decision is to keep moving forward.” Dr. R. Yehuda

Number 3: People do come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. We have to take a good hard look at how the people in our life have shown up for us. Conversely, we should equally explore how we have been showing up.

Number 4: Actions and words must go hand in hand. Not everyone who says all the right things, means all the right things. Unfortunately, it seems as though there is a lot of lip service these days.

Values align or they don’t

Number 5: Values, in relationships or friendships, align or they don’t. There are no substitutions. It’s easy to lose months, years, or decades thinking you can make someone else’s value’s align with yours. It’s never too late to find more like minded friends!

Number 6: Expanding horizons, challenging your mind, and pushing our limits to what we can accomplish yields the greatest growth. Without change, we grow stagnant. Don’t allow anyone to box you in with their lack of desire; our passion for knowledge remains one of the keys to the internal fountain of youth.

Number 7: You can’t teach empathy. Read that twice.

Recognize Your Ride or Die Tribe

Group of Friends laughing (people who you consider your Ride or Die 
Tribe) who will help you learn life's most important life lessons

Number 8: The people in your life who genuinely understand and exhibit loyalty (in addition to the other pillars of values that align highly with yours) are your Ride or Die Tribe. The people who show up for you when times are crap, as much if not more than they do when times are good, are to be celebrated. Recognize these friends.

Number 9: It’s never too late to attract and find your Ride or Die tribe! Remember too that history and friendship aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

Number 10: Our authentic selves need unleashing: STAT. When did you last check in with yourself? Are you still able to identify your hopes, dreams, wants and needs? If left on a desert island would you be able to entertain yourself? If not, you can start now!

It’s Never too Late

Faces of many clocks indicating it's never too late to start finding your pertinent life lessons learned

Number 11: Stop living a life based on what other people “may say.” Unless it’s illegal or dangerous to your health/well being (e.g drugs, reckless driving), then we need to live our lives our way. Purple hair don’t care, know what I mean?!

Number 12: Live a life of purpose. We each determine our own purpose; with that we”ll find that everything else seems to make so much more sense. Think of it as your own personal Vision Statement.

Whenever your birthday may be, I wish you a most incredible year around the sun filled with the joy of newly discovered knowledge, friendship, and service. May the journey be filled with abundant blessings!

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